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"Never lose your sense of wonder and imagination."

If you have just discovered this place, I must apologize in advance. Due to medical issues with my hands and wrists, I have retired from active fiction writing and am no longer weaving stories beyond a few small projects merely to stay in practice, so what is here is merely an archive of the main projects I have worked on in the past. I hope there is something here that you may find of interest.

Although I have received some rather nice remarks concerning my projects over the years, I regret that I can no longer offer the means to contact me.  In my retirement, I am no longer accepting IMs, PMs or personal email. My known contact addresses have been deactivated and I am not really active on social media sites. I do appreciate your interest, however, so if you have enjoyed the tales on this site, feel free to tell others what you have found. 

Thanks for stopping by!
Ted R. Blasingame