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"Never lose your sense of wonder and imagination."

Merlin Sinclair art commissioned by Tatujapa Dahsmve


Hello and welcome to my archive library in a small, dusty corner of the Internet.  I have been writing fiction since the mid-1970s and I have self-published ten printed books through Lulu Press, although none have been commercially published. I made numerous attempts to submit my manuscripts through professional publishing houses, but the anthropomorphic sub-genre of science fiction does not seem to be widely accepted and none were interested. Those endeavors never worked out, so these days I am content to simply share my stories with readers who may be interested in the tales I have written.  This website serves as a library archive of my story material, and although the art galleries and background material of my previous websites are no longer online, all the related stories of the various projects are here intact.

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Art Tatujapa Dahsmve.

Merlin Sinclair Ted R. Blasingame.


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