All of the books presented on this website are also available as e-book downloads in mobi (Kindle) and epub (Nook, Sony, iPhone, etc.) formats. They will have to be side-loaded onto your e-readers since  you will be unable to load them over-the-air from this site.

I don't know if there is an app for the Nook epubs, but you can download the Kindle files below and then use the Send to Kindle app to send them directly to your Kindle if you aren't familiar with how to side-load them yourself.

  • Furmankind  (epub) (mobi)

     - Contains the four books listed below in a collected volume.

    • Sunset of Furmankind
    • Lost in the Wilderness
    • Second Chance
    • A Wilder West

Also for your convenience, here are the e-Book versions of completed fan fiction tales based upon my stories.

  • Born of Heroes - J.Karamales  (epub) (mobi)
  • A Tale of Brothers - J.Karamales  (epub) (mobi)
  • Redemption - J.Karamales  (epub) (mobi)
  • The Long View - S.Spaniel  (epub) (mobi)

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