an-thro-po-morph (n). The ascribing of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior to inanimate objects, animals, or natural phenomena. --an'thro-po-mor'phic (adj.)



SUNSET OF FURMANKINDThe Chronicles of Furmankind #1

2011 Novel by Ted R. Blasingame

Follow one man's journey through psychological demons, pain and revelation through an unwanted transformation into the life of a beast destined to explore other worlds.

art: Elizabeth Jackson - Brian vs Jonathan

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LOST IN THE WILDERNESSThe Chronicles of Furmankind #2

2011 Novel by Ted R. Blasingame

Deep within the painful transformations, the furman volunteers undergo training and education for their coming life's work. Public prejudices and psychological dangers present more of a threat than any of them realized, but the ultimate payoff may just make it all worth it all -- providing they can survive it all to get there. 

art: Elizabeth Jackson - Jonathan

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SECOND CHANCEThe Chronicles of Furmankind #3

2014 Novel by Ted R. Blasingame

When the furman colonists set down on a distant world to pave the way for later human inhabitants, not all is as idyllic as it appears. The indigenous life forms may not be mere simple animals thought to be harvested for food, and other uncertain dangers will force the Furs to more primitive measures, even as a decade-old mystery is in the backs of their minds. The amount of colonists were few to begin with, but the numbers could be getting smaller.  

art: Elizabeth Jackson - Jonathan and Kristen

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2014 Novel by Ted R. Blasingame

When an injured Wild West showman’s life is saved by a half-human talking cheetah impossibly out on the North American wild plains, his life is changed forever by the existence of a creature he can neither understand nor explain. When the truth of her presence is revealed, the showman must make a decision that will forever affect the future of them both.

art: Elizabeth Jackson - Citra Kayah

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1996-2009 Serial, 45 Episodes by Ted R. Blasingame with Eileen Blasingame and Steve Carter

Life should be mundane shipping freight across the galaxy, but that doesn't always seem to be the case for the anthropomorphic captain and crew of the Blue Horizon. Created by Ted R. Blasingame with some episodes written by Eileen Blasingame and Steve Carter.

art: Elizabeth Jackson - Merlin, Taro and Sagan

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2009 Novel by Ted R. Blasingame

Things were not easy setting up a new business, hiring a crew and getting a secondhand ship in order, all while trying to find clients that were unwilling to trust their goods to a new freighter with no history. Trouble and frustration seemed to hamper them at every turn, even after they finally get into space.  Set six years prior to the first Blue Horizon tale, at a time when the ship and business are first put into operation.

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2004 Novel by Ted R. Blasingame

Aramis Thorne was a genetic anthro wolf with no memories of a possible past life of piracy. When he is approached with an old starship of questionable reliability, his life takes a turn for discovery and tragedy with the legend of an ancient city's treasure snapping at his heels. 

art: Elizabeth Jackson - Randon and Aramis

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1992 Novel by Ted R. Blasingame, with Steve Carter

A stranger comes to a strange land to escape his past, only to find that his future is a more desperate landscape. Three travelers find their destinies intertwined in a journey across time and space, a telepathic billionaire, his young son and an esper from a far off world. Their journey will take them from the comfort of the Midwest to play the deadly game of a fabled lost civilization on the other side of the universe.

photo: Ted Blasingame - Halley's Comet

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For years, I've been entertaining people with my tales and occasionally I have had friends and fans who have been inspired by what I've done and wanted to share their own related creations with me. I'm flattered to know there's such talent out there and I appreciate everyone who thinks enough of my worlds to want to create their own adventures.

art: Ashley Leuthardt - Jonathan.

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Just as an artist may use a sketchbook for miscellaneous scribbles and doodles, there are times when I feel like working on small stories that may have no real connection to the other books in my library merely so I can stay in practice. The tales here will be part of my own virtual sketchbook, and while they may not contain pictures in the artistic sense, they may amount to nothing more than scribbles in the end. Although I am officially retired, there are still times when I feel like working on something that's not another 300-700 page novel. Will they be worth reading? Maybe, maybe not, but when I do create short bits of whatnot, this is the library where they will go. I may even post an old, odd tale or two that I've written before that pops up from my file cabinet.  All material in this library © Ted R. Blasingame.

art:  April Lee - Nightstep, Wavesong and Two Star.

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