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Click on this image to see a wonderfully detailed full picture by Ashley Leuthardt.

Fan Fiction by our Fans & Friends

For years, I have been entertaining people with my imagination, and occasionally I have friends and fans who have been inspired by what I have written and wanted to share their own related creations with me. I am flattered to know there is such talent out there and I appreciate everyone who thinks enough of my worlds to want to create their own adventures within them.

Unfortunately as of this time, I am no longer accepting new fanfic submissions based up the worlds of my books, with the exception of those who have already submitted to me before. New stories in production will continue to be posted here as I have new tales and chapters to share. The previous unfinished fanfics that were submitted but never completed have been removed, but can be reinstated at a moment's notice if those authors wish to resume production.

Although the character above is unrelated to this particular library, Ashley "katanimate" Leuthardt created a wonderful, rather detailed commission of Jon from Sunset of Furmankind. The cropped picture in the banner above shows only a portion of the greater image, but you can already see the level of detail she put into his portrait. Click on the picture and it will take you to her FurAffinity site where she has the larger, complete image.


by Jeff Karamales. Inspired by Sunset of Furmankind.  (Unfinished manuscript on hiatus due to Real World conditions.)

Before the formation of the Anthro Human Colonization Project, before the establishment of the furmankind volunteer program, experiments were carried out on prisoners sentenced to death. Forced to pioneer experimental and dangerous procedures as intelligent lab animals, the men and women that became the first Furs were snatched from the jaws of imminent death only to be plunged into an unimaginable nightmare of forced genetic alteration, abuse and torture. This is their story...


by Jeff Karamales. Inspired by Sunset of Furmankind.

When everything in her world is taken from her, one young widow turns to her only option left for a new beginning. Upon building a new life, she will once again need to put the people she cares about the most on the line when she is charged with leading a return to a planet that has already claimed most of the lives of the original colonists. Shouldering this burden, she will seek redemption from her life before becoming Furmankind.

by Jeff Karamales. Inspired by Blue Horizon.  

After surviving a vicious pirate attack, one young fox is given the chance to stand against threat. His new weapons are other dedicated law enforcement officers and unwavering resolve. However, the dost of failure will be all they hold dear.

by Jeff Karamales. A follow-up to Born of Heroes.  

Alistair Gordon has lived the life that many would consider charmed. From a successful career in the Spatial Police Force to eventually commanding his own covert pirate hunter, the human has lived a life of high adventure, romanced ladies of nearly every species, and visited every world in the Planetary Alignment. His greatest tale, however, begins on his first day as a cadet at the SPF Academy and meeting Elias Tivnan. Join us as the man reflects how a white fox from Alexandrius becomes the best friend Alistair has ever had and shows the human that those individuals that become as close as family sometimes come from the most unexpected places...

by Sam Spaniel. Inspired by Blue Horizon.

An INN camera jock charters a flight to a dead world in search of a memory to perform a solemn task. Along the way, he meets the crew of a ship that may help him accomplish a goal dear to his heart.

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Banner art commission by Ashley Leuthardt.