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Art by April Lee

Miscellaneous Tales

Just as an artist may use a sketchbook for miscellaneous scribbles and doodles, there are times when I feel like working on small stories that may have no real connection to the other books in my library merely so I can stay in practice. The tales here will be part of my own virtual sketchbook, and while they may not contain pictures in the artistic sense, they may amount to nothing more than scribbles in the end. Although I am officially retired, there are still times when I feel like working on something that is not another 300-700 page novel. Will they be worth reading? Maybe, maybe not, but when I do create random bits of whatnot, this is the library where they will go. I may even post an old, odd tale or two that I have written before that pops up from my file cabinet.  All material in this library Ted R. Blasingame.

As of January 2022, I currently have four new projects in work and they will be referred to below by their title initials. Development is slow, however, so I have no completion timetable for any of them.

RN3705 - An interplanetary vessel delivers supplies to a mining colony within the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

JONI'S KITTEN - An infant kitten struggles for life when its mother is nowhere to be found. Based in part on a true story.

TIMBER VALLEY BEGINNINGS - Woodland elves in a primitive setting are forced from their home by ruthless humans and the survivors must find a new place to live. Based upon the fantasy graphic novel world of ElfQuest and the related fandom chapter I worked on for over a decade.

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Timber Valley art commission 1989 by April Lee.