Merlin Sinclair art by Angie McClellandBLUE HORIZON
Serial Episodes by Ted R. Blasingame, with Eileen Blasingame and Steve Carter.

Life should be mundane shipping freight across the galaxy, but that doesn't always seem to be the case for the anthropomorphic captain and crew of the Blue Horizon.

This was my longest-running project and over the years it greatly satisfied my creative muse. Beginning first in private with Eileen Fryer in 1996, we were then joined by Steve Carter before it went online in 1998. Blue Horizon is the series that got me noticed among some circles of anthropomorphic/furry fandom, and for a while it had a good fan base readership. However, after thirteen years (1996-2009) of telling stories about this ship and crew, I decided it was time to bring it to a close so I could explore other tales.
Book 1 Cover art by Elizabeth Jackson  Book 2 Cover art by Elizabeth Jackson  Book 3 Cover art by Elizabeth Jackson  Book 4 Cover art by Elizabeth Jackson

In chronological order

 * written by Steve Carter
** written by Eileen Blasingame

Book Reviews on Dogpatch Press by the late Furry Fandom author and reviewer Fred Patten:

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Merlin Sinclair art by Angie McClelland.  Books Cover art by Elizabeth Jackson.