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2004 Novel by Ted R. Blasingame (with 2020 Revisions)

Aramis Thorne was a genetic anthro wolf with no memories of a possible past life of piracy. When he is approached with an old starship of questionable reliability, his life takes a turn for discovery and tragedy with the legend of an ancient city's treasure snapping at his heels.

This tale takes place within the Blue Horizon universe, though with a different ship and cast of characters.  Hoenix was nominated for "Best Anthropomorphic Novel of 2004", one of the four finalists of the Ursa Major Awards, and although it did not win, I was really pleased to have made it that far. I submitted Hoenix to several Science Fiction publishing houses, but it only gained favor with one, Baen Books. The manuscript made it through the first two editorial levels and then up into the Senior Editor's office, but unfortunately for everyone, Jim Baen suffered a stroke and later passed away before a final decision could be made on my story. The company in chaos for the following months, the new Senior Editor got bogged down under a mountain of manuscripts and began culling them in a measure of self-preservation. Unread by the new editor, Hoenix was culled simply out of sheer numbers.

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Review of HOENIX on Dogpatch Press by Furry Fandom author and reviewer Fred Patten.

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