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— by Ted R. Blasingame, with Steve Carter

Chapter 19

Captain Kehtan Otani (ret.) sat in the private study of his home in the rural community of Halan San on Rona.  Red lay curled up on the floor at his feet as he examined the contents of a wooden box.  The star captain smiled to himself as he removed the items and reverently placed them on the desktop.

In all, he had collected twelve of the Shraeloni crystals and he knew that they would go well with the rest of the artifacts he had acquired over the years.  The planet Shraelon may not exist anymore, he thought to himself, but the civilization is far from vanished.

In the midst of the crystals, he picked up a recording of that final transmission from Shraelon.  He had translated the text message and told his friends what he'd found about the Game, but along with it had been a video message that he had kept to himself.

One day, he thought, I will have the opportunity to continue what was started —but for now, the daughters of Herdantes will have to wait for me.

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