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1992 Novel by Ted R. Blasingame, with Steve Carter

A stranger comes to a strange land to escape his past, only to find that his future is a more desperate landscape. Three travelers find their destinies intertwined in a journey across time and space, a telepathic billionaire, his young son and an esper from a far off world. Their journey will take them from the comfort of the Midwest to play the deadly game of a fabled lost civilization on the other side of the universe.

What began as a simple tale for amateur writer's group Mind's Eye became a novel-length story called Treasure Hunt, along with several unfinished spin-offs. I wrote the initial story during 1992, with Steve Carter joining the effort later with additional ideas and material. Now twenty years later, the original beginning chapters have been completely scrapped and replaced with an all new opening to help strengthen the setup. The changes created a ripple effect throughout the rest of the manuscript, so what is now considered the finished tale is in some ways a different story than it was originally, even if the ending is the same. A sequel titled The Daughters of Herdantes was begun in 1993, but the follow-up tale focusing on a related esper named Merlin Sinclair never progressed beyond the first five chapters, though the character name was later used in my long-running anthropomorphic series, Blue Horizon. The background image used on the cover of the printed book is a photograph I took of Halley's Comet at 4:35am on March 22, 1986. Since the bulk of this story takes place in space, I wanted a space-themed image and found my own photograph to be useful.

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Cover photograph of Halley's Comet taken 1986 by Ted R. Blasingame.